GVT 1963 Stevie Stratocaster pickups set NOS Corona Wire NY , US Left Hand

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Our special Pre CBS set with identical pole staggered setup, identical to Stevie's guitar. This set built following the specifications of the year 1963 under construction and with a magnetic cable from our private new old stock collection, Corona wire Inc. Made in New York between 1975 and 1985. Its definition is very wide and allows to obtain great woody tones, clear, sharp and incredible for all the passionate and nostalgic of the classic sound of the first Stevie albums. Our set has a polarity in north strings, as it is a Lefty set it is wound clockwise. It grants a controlled magnetic charge under a specific control process where we can grant our most optimal charges where to have that old tone. Bridge 6.05k ohms Midd 5.98k ohms Neck 5.90k ohms * We have tolerances of 5% in all sets, aspects such as weather, temperature can grant resistance changes. The magnets are made of Alnico 5 with a specific gauss and are lightly coated with Evans Antique Paraffin, a medicinal grade from the 50's.