Is the true Reinvention Of Two Classic legend channels used for Stevie Ray Vaughan re designed for Diaz . GVT  and two fine overdrives preamps  In UnitSeparate And Independent Circuits For channeL.Soul to Soul is part of more than 25 years working in professional audio, Soul to Soul are two souls together with all the Texan spirit to drive your amplifier towards Stevie's electric blast, just connect the jack and plug in your Stratocaster!The unit has a wide versatility of Filter, Rectification of glass or silicon with high precision controls.Both channels can work independently or in link mode, of course both true by pass.


Our line of professional FX features three types of Gold Heart, Silver Heart. After a long period of testing we decided to launch our professional Overdrives in October 2018. It features a tighter, middling color with more compressed bass combined with top-notch tonal control. dynamics and classic gain that a Klon should provide. They are available in classic gold and silver finishes, all finished with nitrocellulose. It is possible under custom order a custom color with a plus. * Consult us.

It is possible that we also list different or exclusive constructions in pedal fx! Be attentive ;)